Women in Science and Innovation

Women in business!
Women in business!

On the 26 November on a very cold Stockholm evening I was invited to a networking evening held by the British Embassy on the subject of Women in Science and Innovation.

There were over 15 women from both Sweden and also Britain who attended, Bola Olabisi who is the founder of Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network http://www.gwiin.com/. She announced the European Women’s Inventors & innovators network exhibition conference & awards ceremony was to be held in Stockholm with women from all over the world attending this event

Dr Mikael Allan Mikaelsson who’s position at the British Embassy is Science and Innovation Officer talked about there is still many gender stereotypes issues even in the 21st century world we live in today, he has done research on behaviours and political correctness.

He brought up a very thought provoking question, where were the female Einstein’s of their day and something I never knew was that French botanists used to hide themselves behind a male name just to be able to be in the running with men at that time.

In 1984 there was a statistic of a ratio of 1 women to 13 men who were genesis and in 2003 there were 1 in 3 to men, which obviously shows that women really are being competitive in a mans world.

Its felt that female role models are very important and it’s also how society is willing to see women having equality.

I have to say that my personal women role model has to be the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher, she is thought to be like marmite as some people love her or hate her. I personally love the fact that she is still the only women to have to go to 10 Downing Street and in one way or another lead the country at the time of her seat in the conservative government.

There were many women at the event that felt that women really are pushing the boundaries, we have the opportunities and to keep being creative.

There was a lady who believes that small to medium size business’s(SME) are the business’s of tomorrow as the world is changing due to women making a difference.

Women need to continue taking risks and not worry about failing, we need to have courage to stand up for ourselves and believe in what we are doing.

There was the feeling that there should be 2\3 women on boards to give women the opportunity to make a difference and at the end of the day 50% of the world’s population is women.

I really enjoyed the evening and I have to say that I am so proud to be a woman in business and that just 118 years ago women had just acquired the right to vote thanks to the suffragettes standing for what they believed in and I really hope that we continue to push what we want going forward.