UK consultant drawn to Sweden’s life science expertise

Stockholm’s life sciences sector doesn’t only supply the world with essential pharmaceuticals and medical technology, it also attracts specialist business consultants from other countries who are hoping to capitalise on the city’s expertise and infrastructure to boost industry revenue.

Last March, Lucy Robertshaw from the United Kingdom set up a life sciences consultancy practice in Stockholm and the business took off immediately.

“I chose the Stockholm region to establish my business as I knew there was a high concentration of life science sector businesses and great support organisations that I could be part of,” she told The Swedish Wire.


She’s planning to help companies expand within the UK and Scandinavian markets. Her company, Lucy Robertshaw, is also offering project management and social media guidance to help companies look more credible.

Robertshaw previously worked as a sub contractor for AstraZeneca in the UK. The company she was working for, Arena Instrumentation, asked her to look at the Scandinavian market, where she then set up two companies.  

“My business is going well because I am offering something different and I have the experience plus the contacts to help businesses into new markets,” she said. “I also hope that people like working with me and I really want to continue to grow a successful reputation.”

Sweden has been the setting for a number of groundbreaking life science innovations and is home to two of Europe’s most distinguished biotech clusters. It also represents Europe’s fourth largest biotechnology industry. Many companies use the Stockholm area for in-licensing, clinical research and partnerships with academic research institutions.

The number of employees in the Swedish life sciences industry involved in manufacturing, consultancy, product development and research and development in 2009 was about 32,000, according to innovation agency Vinnova.

This article was published in collaboration between Stockholm Business Region and 
The Swedish Wire.