Springing into the UK for drug development!

Patheon "ask the experts!
“Ask the experts-Live”

I flew out of Arlanda Airport on a Friday morning and arrived into Manchester airport where there was a 10c difference  in temperature so spring had finally sprung in the UK and you can imagine my excitement about actually being in the UK during a nice spell of weather.

I spent the weekend in Manchester as that is where I am from and still have parents and friends plus managed to fit a very fruitful shopping trip to House of Fraser, which I do miss living in Sweden.

On Monday I a number of meeting already set up which one of them was with Carl Nagaitis who is going to be running the PR strategy for the UK so it was good to get his thoughts on the next steps of engagement for APL.

Then on Tuesday morning I got the train from Stockport Train Station to Oxford which was very busy with people going on their commuter journey to Birmingham and cross country. I arrived at Milton Park to attend Patheon’s event about Getting Your Drug through Phase I Early Development Effectively which was well attended by around 90 delegates within the Life Science Sector.

Dr. Paul Madeley from Synth-Isis Ltd presented his experiences in the designing of API which he advised that it costs $1.7 billion to develop a API and its important to get it right the first time. He also advised on how important to be good at documenting you work, choose the right raw product and have alternatives as the availability of this product could have a huge impact on the final costs plus you need to know what the end goal is and what do you want to produce.

Dr. Jon Sutch who’s previous position is from the closed site of  AstraZenca in Loughborough now works for Patheon and he presented Formulation Strategies for Early Development and the message to take away from this is to look at target product profile plus its essential to communicate between your service provider and customer as this will save time and expectations. It’s also important to think about what do you want from your clinical study and to also about the dose range you need to cover plus the route of administration i.e oral.

Patheon also provide a service which is “ask the experts” if you have a question or need some advice then you are able to pose your question directly on their website to the best person to give you an answer.

As everyone is aware that 2013 will be a challenging year for everyone within the Life Science Sector and I posed the question to Patheon about how they are looking ahead and their comment was “we are aware of the depression in Biotechnology due to the reduction of funding in Europe, however its important as a outsourcing company to be successful in understanding what the customer wants and needs”.

I flew back to Sweden yesterday with British Airways out of Heathrow Airport and I have to say that living outside the UK really has given me a new perspective on what this country has to offer and why foreign investors should be looking at doing business there!