Being part of the digital age!

Map of the world with how people are connected through Facebook!
Facebook connecting the world!

November has begun being busy with the confirming of the Nordic Delegation to London, where there are 3 Swedish companies coming along which are APL, Karolinska Institutet and Capish Knowledge to attend the One Nucleus event called Genesis.

I am just starting to send out the invitations for the dinner which is going to be held in The Cinnamon Club in central London.

Some other great news is that I have recently signed a partnership agreement with Roy Kent who runs KentSMS and this will bring a synergy to both our services we offer by working together.

On Monday night I attended the British Swedish Chamber of commerce where the CEO of Hyper Island Johanna Frelin was presenting and she has just won “CEO of the year”, it was so interesting listening to her thoughts on the digital age.

Hyper Island offers educational training courses in the digital field and they have a vigorous expansion plan over the next couple of years especially within South America.

Johanna said that “technology is driving change” and that this is at a rate that nobody could really have ever imagined, humans have to learn to live in a fast paced world.

The facts about the pace of the internet changing is staggering with only taking 4 years for users of the internet to reach 50 million people and then it only took 88 days for that number to start using Google Plus.

The biggest demographic area starting to use Facebook now is women over 55 years as they want to see pictures of their grandchildren

We all know that mobile phone technology is moving quickly but this will also increase more in the future as well, many people feel the fear of change and that things are now out of our control along with questioning do we went the pace to be so quick.

The Chinese have really not enjoyed the idea of online supermarkets but are now starting to use their mobile phones in virtual shops, where you will just have pictures of items of food and then get them delivered to your home. I wonder when we will be seeing this is in the west as well?

Johanna commented on that business models and how the old style of how business has been run with a very hierarchical structure, this is going to have change with the digital age.

Instead of one business model there needs to be lots of them and we need to decentralize the authority in business in order for new ideas to flourish and to be accepted.

Johanna feels that we are in a chaotic time which is no longer linea, this is just going to be norm going forward and that humans are great at adapting to things.

I personally feel that we are certainly in a very exciting time and the unknown is so interesting but I do think as humans I wonder if we will be able to adapt as quickly as the digital age wants us to.