Looking forward for the Life Science Sector!

Kit Malthouse - Science in the City
Kit Malthouse, Mattias Nystrom and myself – Science in the City


After returning from a great business trip to London and attending the BioIndustry Association event Science in the City which took place in Lonon’s living room and hosted by Deputy Mayor of London Kit Malthouse, he was very interested in hearing that APL are taking the step to investing in the UK market and to help the Life Science Sector.

Kit advised that the Life Science Sector in recent years has taken a back seat and feels that the financial district in London can work more collaboratively to help the sector, I must say that I now realise that London really is the beating heart beat of England and its amazing that its one of Europe’s largest capital cities which actually has 8 million people living in it.

The head of Johnson and Johnson Patrick Verheyen was also at the event and announced that they have just established a London Innovation base as they feel its a great place to be doing business and also want to work more closely with small to medium size business to work collaboratively with them, there is most certainly a feeling that there is a lot more energy in the sector which is great news for the Golden Triangle.

I was also very shocked to hear the news about AstraZeneca decision to close the Alderley Park site where I worked for over 4 and half years, this is a beautiful prime real estate site in Alderley Edge and I really wonder what knock on effect this will have to the sector in Manchester plus will people really relocate to Cambridge. I also am questioning why is the business spending £300 million to build a new facility only 168 miles down the road and I really feel the bigger question is the business even going to be still established in 2016 with their current pipeline. 

The other news that I was reading on the plane back to Sweden is that the lethal strain of  Bird Flu virus is back in China after they have found twenty thousand dead pigs in the Huangpu River in Shangha over the past couple of week which is alarming that no body until this point is questioning where they have come to and why they have died, now people have died and China have to do something to protect its people.

The other good news that I have read recently is that President Obama is going to invest $100 million in new research into understanding better how the brain works and developing new technologies. This is very close to my heart at the moment as I have a family member with Dementia in hospital and I feel that we really know very little about how to treat this in the elderly.

I am currently looking forward to my next visit to the UK which will be to attend Bio Scotland which is being held in Glasgow so it will be interesting to hear what is happening in the Sector in Scotland.