London really is the place to be in life science sector!


Well we are really into autumn in Sweden now, we have a world of yellow hues and its getting much colder and so last week I flew over to London on behalf of APL to attend the BIA’s annual event the UK Bioscience Forum plus also to catch up with other people as well.


I arrived at the Royal College of Surgeons which is a beautiful white stone building dating back to 1797, which has some great portraits of former surgeons. Steve Bates is the Chief Executive Officer and opened the event by saying that we are here to celebrate the twists and turns of the past 60 years and that the UK life Science Sector really has evolved with the help of open collaboration and shared learning.


It’s said that the UK really is the best place to do research due to the science base as the UK has the best Universities, Europe’s biggest cluster is the “Golden Triangle” and the UK is very favourable for SME’s as the tax credit, corporate tax and BioMedical Catalist plus also the great work that has gone into the Patent Box.


The limitations are that there are plenty of researchers and great people to start business’s but is there enough managerial talent to take a ideas to a commercial business.


I feel that there could be a lot learnt from great business leaders in the UK that have successfully created brands and would maybe like to mentor start up business’s i.e. Sir Richard Branson or Sir Alan Sugar, it really is about thinking outside of the box of the sector to see what is on offer.


Boris Johnson at BIA
Photo:Peter Ryan/BIA

I have always wanted to be within a audience with Boris Jonson and I was very lucky that he was the headline speaker for the event, he really does have a personality that is quite insatiable and if you could bottle his energy then give some of the British people the country really would be able to move forward with some speed.


It will certainly be interesting if he does make it into 10 Downing Street and I hope he really does get the chance as this is the man who says “there is absolutely no reason for not being the best and that profit is not a dirty word”.


Med city is in the development phase at the moment with a £1.1 million to be invested to put the UK capital at the forefront of European medical research and this will trumpet London’s offering to the rest of the world.


I think this is a great opportunity to put the UK on the map for Life Science and a opportunity to create more global investment into the country and for more business to be done in London.


I really cannot believe where time goes when you are running your own business and I am  in the throes of organising a Nordic Delegation along with the UK Trade and Investment Stockholm to attend the annual event Genesis which I attended last year.


I am also looking forward to my first article being released on Your Living City tomorrow.

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