Back to business and looking forward to autumn!

BSCC and Johan Javeus from SEB
BSCC and Johan Javeus from SEB

For those of you who are not aware of the culture in Sweden in the summer, most people have at least 5 weeks of vacation which does substitute for the long winters that we have here, this year I had 2 and half months off work visiting USA, UK and Europe.

I have to say that this is the second year for having such a long time off during the summer time and I really feel it helps refresh whilst also revitalise me, it also helps me reflect and also look to the future for my business.

I attended a event last Wednesday night with the British Swedish Chamber of Commerce that was hosted at Villa Pauli that is a beautiful private members club just outside Stockholm, Johan Javeus the Chief Strategist for SEB was talking about his thoughts on the euro zone crisis, which were very interesting especially as he thinks that if the UK do decide to leave this will have a impact on if Sweden also decide to stay or leave.

He said that if the UK does leave the EU then Sweden would then probably join the euro zone, which I hope living in a democracy would mean that everyone would feel that they had a vote on this and also the public opinion would be listened to.

I think it really does show that even though there seem to be green shoots being talked about there is a long way to go before the European Union are very much united on become a voice to be heard.

I was so surprised to receive an email from Rebecca Martin who Editor in Chief for Your Living City, who I met in March at Stockholm Business Region workshop. The magazine is an online community for expats in Stockholm to keep up to date with what is going on within the city.

She explained that the magazine has been developing over the past couple of months and they would like a business column being written, I was over the moon when she asked if I would be happy to start writing on what is going on with regards to business in Stockholm.

September has been quite a busy start to the start of autumn as I have 2 upcoming trips back to the UK and one of them will be to attend the UK Bioscience Forum to represent APL, plus also continue building relationships with current contacts and I feel is a very important value when you have your own business because you always have to nurture your network.