A year old and the future of Tele2!

Mats Granryd - Tele2
Mats Granryd – Tele2

I am really proud to say that my business LucyJRobertshaw is now a year old, I really have learned so much over the past year and feel that I have had a great experience of working with some fantastic clients as well.

Yesterday I was in Stockholm for the day as I went to the Nordiska Museet for the monthly American Women’s Club lunch, which was great fun to find out what is going on with people and also to see life returning finally after the long winter in Stockholm.

Then in the evening the British Swedish Chamber of Commerce held their event which was presented by Mats Granryd from Tele2, which was held at the beautiful head office of Handelsbankens on Kungsträdgårdsgatan.

Mats has worked in Tele communications for the past 20 years and has seen a huge revolution from being able to now provide good communication services and also the high growth in internet mobile handsets.

He explained that when people find new technology there is a window of 30 years of growth which is then followed by 3/5 years of regulations, then the next problems are needed to be fixed and so the cycle continues.

Mats said that the 2 years that are significant to him were 2002 as this was the year the mobile subscriptions become mobile and then in 2008 the increase in mobile broadband became globally and now in 2013 smart phones are taking over the world.

Did you know that Sweden buy more Apple Iphones which is actually the highest number in Europe and the challenge that Tele2 have here is to move people from prepaid tariffs to postpaid and also to build long term relationships with their customers.

Mats did actually say not to buy a Iphone as Apple do charge painful subsidies to Tele2.

Tele2 have seen a 400% growth of people using Facebook, 90% in Google and a extra mental use of You Tube viewing which is 1200%.

Mats advised that for Tele2 to sustain its business then they need to be much more skilled in understanding their customer needs, finding potential business, need to be brutally focused as well as being a lean and embracing challenges.

I really think this is very true for every business model going forward in these challenging times, its just making sure you listen to your customers and give them the service they need as well as delivering something extra special.

I posed the question “what social media are you currently using and what are you thoughts on this?” and to my surprise Mats said that Tele2 were only currently using Facebook for being able to listen to their customers and guide discussions plus they are not looking at using this for marketing within the next year, which I feel they really do not want to be left behind.

I am also looking forward to attending the International workshop being run by Stockholm Business Region tomorrow about how to make the region better at attracting more people to set up business here and also to make it sustainable for the future! 

I am also busy with planning the next upcoming business trip to London with APL  in early April and looking forward to attending the Science in the City being held at London’s living room on 4th April by the UK BioIndustry Association.