Lucy Robertshaw

Lucy Robertshaw has many years of experience of working with AstraZeneca, where she was part of their Global Redeployment Project assisting with the moving of their laboratory equipment to their global sites and also assisting in the sale of unwanted surplus equipment.

Lucy is well educated as she started her career within the medical sector and attended a business school to learn about Business Management and Administration.

She also has experience in developing an existing company into the Scandinavian market both in Denmark and Sweden where she established 2 businesses and enabled the whole set up.

Lucy always works with her customers to understand what they want and ensure that their demands are very much in the focus, she ensures that every project she works on is a huge success plus is value adding to that business.

One interesting point about Lucy is that she is a member of the American Women’s Club in Stockholm, where she loves to meet like minded people and also to enjoy her passion for networking.


Michael Johansson

Michael has a vast experience from managing people, finalising agreements and 17 years work experience with the pharmaceutical business AstraZeneca AB where he was working as a board member and a Service Manager.

Michael is bilingual in Swedish and English, this is where he brings a wealth of knowledge of the working culture of Scandinavia and enjoys helping clients to progress their products and services.

CISilf ® program is a complete certification program in purchasing, Michael is now a fully certified Procurement Specialist and during the program he has gained vast knowledge from sourcing technology, business economics to legal, logistics plus business negotiation.

Through working with AstraZeneca he gained a broad background about how corporate demands change in an ever changing world. He held a leading position on workers rights, through to a board membership, and successfully dealt with demands to downsize plus cost cutting all services and support within the company.

The Scandinavian way of doing business, is inevitably influenced by specific culture and behaviours. I understand the culture and know how to succeed within the current market. A deal is a relationship and must be treated in the best way possible“. – Michael Johansson

Michael is an excellent sales specialist and enjoys working with a client to create a strategy for positioning themselves within the correct market place to see them succeed in their development.

Outside of work Michael loves to sail his boat in the archipelago where he often thinks about the next negotiation he can make to help to save money for a customer.