10th Stockholm Corporate Finance Life Science Seminar

On Tuesday 6th March and Wednesday 7th March was the 1oth Stockholm Corporate Finance Life Science Seminar, which was held at Operaterrassen over looking the Royal Castle.

There were around 500 people who were private investor’s and also people from the Life Science Sector, along with the 16 presenting companies.

My over riding thoughts are that the sector has really progressed in Sweden over the past couple of years, we have compeleted a lot of pre clinical work with great results and now have some even better results in the clinic.

There are even companies who have hit the market and are helping patients get better plus also getting revenue back into Sweden.

Bactiguard presented about the future issue of human esisstance anad the future needs to be preventative measures to ensure we get a grip on antibactiral resistenace which is a global issue.

There were a number of companies who raised the issue about the USA being so dependant on opioid use and how this is a major issue with the work force not being able to work and also the cost to society as well. 65,000 presecription are written daily for pain relief and there are 65,000 fatal over doses annually.

There also 30% of the population of the US who have fatty liver disease due to bad diet and this market is worth 200 mdkr in 2026 according to global data.

Klaria were a interesting company who have taken brown seaweed and put into on to a oral dissolvable film which has a quick release time and is easy to store for the emergency services. This I feel is a company to watch as there are so many therapy areas for this product.

I am so pleased to see how the Swedish Life Science is evolving and even more to moderate The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science event in 2 weeks at Medicon Village.


On Tuesday 20th February in a rather wintry Stockholm, Swecare very kindly hosted a breakfast seminar for Global Regulatory Services and Accelerate to give more information about the UK’s landscape and what you should be doing if you want to enter the UK market and this was attended by 10 other organisations.

Björn Axelsson (UK Department for International Trade) was explaining about the sector deal that been completed to ensure that collaboration and innovation continues to happen, he also explained that it is business as usual with Brexit looming over the country.

However he did highlight that there is a skills gap which the government have realised with the continuing investment in infrastructure when it comes to digital, AI and genomics.

Lucy Robertshaw presented a number of slides about what organisations are good to be associated with like One Nucleus and BioNow plus what events are good to attend in 2018. These slides can be found at this link.

Chris Freer explained about the medical device regulations and what the difference between a wellness device which is a step counter that tells you how many steps you have walked to digital health that records patient data.

He also highlighted the NHS apps library which can give you help to finding apps which have been clinical tested.

Rosanne Joseph-Anthony explained that their organisation Accellerate can help with Market Access, Reimbursement, HTAs , Company Representation, Funding and Clinical Trials. She mentioned that digital health is a ‘hot topic’ currently. However with any product groups, the NHS is a large organisation and hence is all about getting in touch with the right contact and having understanding within the right organisations of the NHS to enable acceleration into the UK market.


Business Networking Breakfast @ Swecare, Stockholm!

The bricks in UK´s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

February 20 I 08.30-10.00 I Swecare, Sveavägen 63 I Stockholm

The UK, is for Nordic Life Science companies a prioritized export market as shown in MENON-PUBLICATION NO. 57/2017, ranking only second to Germany and USA outside the Nordic home market. The UK is not only first choice market but has a domestic life science sector generating £64 billion of turnover, and employing 233 00 scientists and staff. As the UK plans its future, the Life Science sector continues to be an important sector for the UK economy.

The strategy highlights a series of challenges, and areas of improvement so that the EU exit can be the ignition to take the steps needed for not just retaining, but growing the life sciences sector. The approach for growth is in the global business of healthcare and life science to expand and develop as a truly global player and act on the global market.

Focus is also on how to remain a top destination for inward investments and talent, and making sure that the infrastructure and scientific research is world-class. As standing still is not an option and the future is dependent on the continuation of international investments, the Swedish life science and healthcare companies have a fundamental role with their great products and services into the ecosystem.

Swecare would thus like to invite you to a session that starts with an overview of the strategy by Björn Axelsson (UK Department for International Trade), covering topics included such as reinforcing the scientific offer in Clinical Trials, growth and infrastructure goals, NHS collaboration, Skills and Regulations.

Thereafter Lucy Robertshaw will be explaining the trends in the UK Life Science and how you can get involved with networking and which organizations you can get in touch with to engage in the existing clusters.

Last but very handy for those ready to dig in, Chris Freer (Global Regulatory Services) and Rosanne Joseph Anthony (Accellerate Ltd.will present how they can help you with your due diligence to ensure you have the correct entry point into the UK and why it’s a great time to be doing business in the UK, building from their experiences in opening up their office in Lund, Sweden.

Welcome to join us at this interesting networking breakfast letting you know everything about how your business can be successful in the UK.

Looking forward to moderating The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science in 2018


Lucy Robertshaw is very excited to be moderating the event The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science being held at Medicon Village in Lund on 22nd March 2018.

Scandinavia has seen continued investment in the life sciences, and there are many examples of how this cash injection is translating into real projects:
In the Lund-based life science research park, Medicon Village, construction of a new purpose-built complex that will house 600 experts, is in full swing.

In the past 10 years personalized medicine, now precision medicine, has been a highly attractive concept to many stakeholders in the industry. The Danish Government and Danish Regions have developed a National Strategy for Personalized Medicine 2017-2020. This is hardly surprising. Giving the patients the information and ability to find out exactly which drugs work for them, is just one of the supposed advantages. But looking past the hype, when will the promised benefits of these procedures become reality? And how will the payment systems, the industry and the health sector, as well as the individual doctor, follow this trend?

In addition to this, the industry must address the looming challenge of “Big Data”. Every day, biobanks, as well as new progress in genetics and molecular biology, create huge amounts of raw data. But do we have the tools needed to make use of it, and in the longer perspective, turn it into an additional revenue stream? We also want to investigate how the Nordic countries can improve their collaboration in these areas, both at home and across borders.

We are looking for speakers for the programme so do let us know if you would like to be part of this event.

Chairing panel “Genomics to Economics: Right Treatment, Right Patient, Right Time” at Genesis!

This will be the 5th year of attending the One Nucleus Genesis Conference in Westminster, London being held on 14th December and this year Lucy Robertshaw will be chairing the panel debate “Genomics to Economics: Right Treatment, Right Patient, Right Time”.

The increasing capacity in fields such as proteomics, metabolomics and glycomics is enhancing our ability to  understand the molecular basis of pathophysiologies at rates never before observed.

Fundamental to progress however are the two bookend ‘omics – genomics and economics. This session will discuss how advances in areas such as gene editing and patient stratification are enabling R&D that will deliver well targeted and affordable health outcomes.

Lucy Robertshaw commented that she is very interested to learn where we are in the development of gene editing and how much more work we need to do to get to where we need to be.

Great sucess at bringing Life Science together for Gala dinner!

On Wednesday 11th October at Operaterrassen in Stockholm saw the gathering of 50 top influencers in the Life Science Sector for a VIP gala dinner.

The evening started off with networking so that guests could meet people who they already knew but also make new connections as well.

Our guest of honour for the evening was Jan-Olof Jacke who is the president of AstraZeneca AB thought it was a great idea to celebrate the life science sector as we don’t do this enough, he also said that big data is going to be a challange with the digitalisation world that the life science sector is currently going through.

He and AstraZeneca are really championing openess but this also needs infrastructure which is already set up in the form of the Astrazeneca bioventurehub in Molndal, Sweden, the people who are there have the exact same access as the employed people of AstraZeneca.

One of the partners table busy networking over dinner.


We also heard from Kerstin Jacobsson about the exciting new office complex which is being currently being built at Medicon Village and will house 600 additional people this will open in December 2018.

We would like to thank everyone for making this such a great event.

LucyJRobertshaw looking forward to Life Science Gala Dinner in Stockholm





On 11th October the life science sector will join together in Stockholm for the evening for the Life Science Gala Dinner, we have 50 attendees confirmed for dinner.

Our Key-note speaker is Jan-Olof Jacke from AstraZeneca and very much looking forward to listening to his thoughts about the future for AstraZeneca in Sweden.

We have 5 partners who are hosting tables:

Sprint Bioscience




Cobra Biologics

Really looking forward to attending this years NLS Days in Malmö!

Having attended the past 3 years of the NLS days in Stockholm, this year the event is being held in the heart of Medicon Valley and will be atteneded by a number of other countries as well.

I will be representing Pharma Publications in my role as editor of the International Pharmacetical Industry magazine, I have already started to request partnering meetings which I feel is really a important part of the event so its never to early to start.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Great to be presenting at Anglo Nordic on the Nordic Overview for Life Sciences in London!


Lucy Robertshaw will be the chair for the afternoon session of the Biotech Investment Programme at the Anglo Nordic Life Science Confernece in London on Wednesday 31st May.

Biotech Investment Programme

She will also be presenting the Nordic Overview for Life Sciences where it will be presented the events which should not be missed in 2017 being held in Sweden.

LucyJRobertshaw have been the proud co-organisers of the event and have been in attendance for the past 3 years.

Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science event brought together a range of minds

I once again for the 3rd year moderated the Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science at Medicon Village which is in the heart of Medicon Valley and we had a a great time.


New connections were made yesterday when a wide range of people were brought together at the sixth annual international networking forum, The Future of Swedish and Danish life science. Medicon Village joined forces with Kemivärlden Biotech/Journal of Chemistry and Biotechnology and Medicon Valley Alliance to organize the forum.

And they targeted decision makers in the pharma, biotech, medtech and health care sectors, persons from research and development in both industry and academia, along with investors, authorities and politicians. A wide range of participants pointed out the great value in meeting face to face.

– I´m here to be inspired by how I can bridge my public health degree with the pharma industry. This event is bringing many actors together in one spot, where we are able to meet face to face, says Keeva Duffey, mph-student at Lund University.

Some 35 exhibitors and nearly 520 participants engaged in conversations. And they had ample opportunities to make new connections or to touch base on a more informal basis during the frequent coffee breaks.

– We think it´s very interesting and fun to take part and see what´s happening in the world of life science, in particular in this region. Our niche lies within the life sciences, and here we have a big opportunity to meet both clients and potential candidates, Eva Runnerström, recruitment consultant at PeakSearch, points out.

Also a delegate of ten collaboration partners from the U.K keeps Sweden and Denmark on the radar.

– The purpose of coming here is about connections. It´s connections not only in terms of raising our profile here and seeking new clients, but it´s actually new expertise, says Greer Deal, director at GRS® and continues. Who have you got locally, who we can work with, who we can collaborate with? We can bring all that expertise together to provide a holistic solution to our clients in the global life science sector.

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