We are very excited to be working on the following projects:


Scion VR is a consulting company in virtual reality. We have extensive experience in visualizing products and corporate values for marketing, presentations and events. We have a special passion for science and education. We let students and professionals be immersed by science, to facilitate knowledge transfer. We let them interact with science, offering them to operate on virtual patients, using robotic haptic instruments and the latest VR-technology. We reveal the mechanisms of a new drug, or present the achievements of a Nobel laureate. We support most devices from mobile phones to VR headsets.


Södersjukhuset (The South General Hospital) and its education center from the medical university Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm have engaged ScioVR for a research project. Medical teams will train surgical procedures and communication skills immersed in a virtual reality operating room.



APL, Sweden:

APL are a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation within Scandinavia. They have  been established for over 30 years with 4 production sites within Sweden and offer services that cover the entire drug development process.

We have worked together to implement a press strategy, establishing networking contacts,  and initiated meetings with organisations who can help them within the UK e.g. One Nucleus etc.

APL sees the UK market as a great opportunity and are offering potential clients help with their production within the life science sector.