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LucyJRobertshaw is very proud to be building long lasting working relationships and adding value to our clients businesses.


Lucy has a commercial approach and creates dynamic meetings full of efficiency. We at Karera are very pleased with the project Lucy implemented and has brought a high value for the company and contributed with creativity and energy.

Annika Brobjer CEO Karera AB 2016

Great opportunity to get a taste of the Life Science Industry


My two month internship at LucyJRobertshaw has been unique. I got stuck in from day one and entrusted with the level of responsibility of an experienced employee. It became apparent very quickly in this internship I would be ‘learning by doing’, a very refreshing approach.

“Frankly, I am sad it is over”.

My role as a Creative Marketing Analyst intern in a fast growing virtual consultancy, within the Anglo Nordic Life Science space, covered a whole range of internal and external activities.

“One dimension of the work encompassed researching topics of interest to the business, i.e. trends in Digital Health in the UK vs Sweden; the state of the Life Science sector in Sweden, how this compares to the UK- including the principal bodies, how these are organised and interconnected”.

This can play a crucial role in policy recommendations, attracting investment, and making financial streams available for start-ups at different stages, etc. While I was only very briefly exposed to this part, naturally I can see the benefit of knowing the Life Science industry in both the UK and Sweden so intimately.

One of the main services provided by LucyJRobertshaw is international business development for companies looking to move into either market. Editor’s note: LucyJRobertshaw’s markets have recently expanded to include MENA).

A major part of my work has been attending conferences and meetings. I have attended countless events that have taken me through the wide spectrum of opportunities in the Life Science industry, from Nanotechnology and Pharma Serialisation, to Precision Medicine and Digital Health.

“I have traveled to Copenhagen and Helsinki and attended several meetings in various parts of Stockholm – this has really given me a well-rounded view of the Life Science industry in the Nordics”.

Just a very short list includes how the pharmacy industry is gearing up for the serialisation of all medicines sold in Europe; what the hospitals, homes, and workplaces of the future will look like influenced by the advancements in Digital Health; the growing emphasis on personalised medicine advocated by collaborative efforts from the industry, academia, patient groups, and other non-profit organisations. And in the middle sits our little consultancy firm, seeking to support and develop companies as their needs arise.

“One of the most exciting parts of this internship has been the people”.

I have had the opportunity to meet recent graduates to CEOs of companies in various work streams in the industry. The buzz and energy in each siutation, the passion and drive in these people I have met, is exactly what I hope to find again in my future job roles.

So to conclude, my 2 months have been a whirlwind adventure, no two days have been alike, I have met some amazing people, and worked with a really great team. Thank you Lucy for this opportunity.   

Liza 1 [165243]

Lizan Kawa is a Doctoral student with Experimental Traumatology at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

On Tuesday 24 February LucyJRobertshaw took part in the Karolinska Institutet Internships For PhD Students Mingle‏ in Solna, Stockholm. We were delighted to receive 3 applications and to select one student who began her internship in April. Here’s why Lizan Kawa chose LucyJRobertshaw.

Why I wanted to join LucyJRobertshaw by Lizan Kawa

I double check my appearance in the mirror, then put on a couple of extra layers to keep out the cold, before proceeding to the Aula Medica. It is mid-March and the Karolinska Institutet Career Service team have brought together an impressing array of companies and an even more impressing array of students. I arrive and pull out my notes on the companies I had researched beforehand and whom I would like to meet, and there at the top of my list is a virtual consultancy company; LucyJRobertshaw.

The head of the company, Lucy, is present and she is the first person I approach. She tells me a little about her company and her own background and I am sold on the idea of applying for an internship with LucyJRobertshaw even more. The next day I send her an email reiterating my enthusiasm to join her and I am thrilled when after an interview she offers me the internship.

My reasons for wanting to join LucyJRobertshaw were clear from the beginning. I wanted a real taste of work outside of academia and particularly the laboratory, but I was keen to make use of the knowledge and skills I had accumulated during my doctoral degree both in and outside of academia. I wanted to experience something completely new, learn, but also be of value and contribute to the company I would join.

Having taken part in organising several events including Nov2K (2013) and CHaSE (2014), the former a symposium bringing the world’s leading researchers to Sweden from all scientific fields, and the latter a career fair encompassing jobs in all fields of Life Sciences. I had started to really get interested in understanding and being more involved in pursuing projects that gave me an overview of the Life Sciences Industry.

This leads to another important reason for why LucyJRobertshaw was appealing to me, I wanted to update my knowledge and be more involved in the Life Sciences Industry in the UK, where I hope to take my next career steps and complement it with my understanding of the Swedish Life Sciences, sharing best practices across the countries, and exchanging knowledge.

LucyJRobertshaw is virtual consultancy company offering precisely this service of connecting and helping businesses grow in both countries by using their local based knowledge and expertise in the Life Sciences Industry. Hence, the company fit perfectly with my main objectives and expectations for an internship.

Having worked at LucyJRobertshaw for some weeks now, I feel I am very much getting the exposure to the items I had listed above. But there is so much more. It is amazing to experience first-hand how a small company runs, the every tasks, meetings etc. I have to confess the most striking part of this experience is working with Lucy herself. Her passion and commitment is clearly visible, and infectious, evident when she talks about a company.

The enthusiasm with which she describes their product and work, the depth of knowledge she demonstrates about the company, is gripping and most of the time you will catch her say, “How cool is that?” It is impossible not to enjoy working with her and at LucyJRobertshaw. Of course it also doesn’t hurt that it is in a fantastic industry with the patient at the centre of everything. I am truly excited about the coming weeks!


“Lucy worked with Patricell during 2014 to help with our business development and support the growth of our business. Specifically, Lucy was responsible for developing client relationships to develop strong insights into our clients’ needs to ensure we consistently offer the best (and right) products and services to support their research needs. Lucy is a hugely enthusiastic and focused, and has a flair for networking and developing relationships.”

Patrick Munch-Fals

Managing Director